Aniyome wa Ijippari (Lover-In-Law) [兄嫁はいじっぱり]

Hencyclopedia Transcript: Episode 01, English Language Dub (v.000)

[opens on flower shop exterior, cut to bedroom scene]

(Alarm beeping noise)
(Tsutomu Snoring)
When the hell are you gonna wake up?
Let me just sleep a little longer..
No way.
I was up so late last night– (gasping) huh?
(Mai Grumbling)
[pan up to towel wrapped breasts, comedic boinging noise]
Come on!
Just get up!
What’s.. wrong with you!?
Uhgh! Rrrr!
I’m sick of you.
You’re like this every morning.
You promised to help out the store when you don’t have school, damnit.
Get up and eat breakfast or we won’t get anything done.
Unfortunately, I’m counting on you.
.. stupid kid.
(Door Slam)
(Bedsheet rustling)
(Tsutomu Yawning)
Oh man.. Why is she always walking around in just a towel?
[pan down to erection, comedic boinging noise]
Well, at least you’re awake huh big guy?
[music begins, cut to title screen and intro animation]

[kitchen scene]

There, there.
Such a good little girl!
(soft, warm laughter)
[cut in to Mai’s wiggling ass, sexy music plays]
Sleep tight my little Shino; mommy has to go to work for a little while now.
(more soft laughter)
Hm? Oh, you’re finally awake.
I’m making toast if you want some.
Mai, tell me. Have you heard from my big brother?
Mm.. No.
I can’t believe he’d do that to you.
He shouldn’t have taken a job so far away from home.
You can’t blame him; They really need people to help out down there.
Yeah but you know you guys have a newborn baby and everything.. Doesn’t he even care about that?
You’re left here to take care of both the store and the baby by yourself.
I don’t think that’s how a husband should act. I wouldn’t act that way.
Yeah, right. When you’re finally finished with school, maybe you’ll understand what Shikigi is going through here.
That said, I’m going to need you to work extra hard today.
What’s that? You talk like I’m your slave. I’m not.
I’m sick of you talking back to me all the time.
It’s getting late. We’d better bounce out of here.
So you hurry up and eat. You need to help me clean the store today. ‘Kay?
Can’t I just eat in peace?
No! We’re getting a new employee at the store today, so I want things to look as nice as possible, okay?

[Flower Shop scene]

Now that looks perfect.
(quiet breaths)
What the heck have you been staring at?
Just impressed by your skills, that’s all.
Yeah, well, of course! I’m a professional.
Well, I better get going to deliver this now.. I’m going to leave you in charge of things.
Oh, I almost forgot- if the new girl comes, have her wait until I get back.
Keep an eye on Shino for me too.. I’m counting on you.
Yeah-h, yeah..
(customers pass for a while)
Hm.. Boring..
Huh.. Who’s that? A customer?
Hmmm…? Let’s see.. I think this flowers name is.. (soft laughter)
How is it you would say..? An Iris.. I’m certain of..
Actually, that’s Lavender.
It’s Lavender? Ohh… Yeah, that’s right.. Wow, you’re so smart- it is Lavender!
(laughing) haha.. I should of known. I guess I have a lot more to learn about this. (giggling) You’re one of the employees here, right?
Can you tell me if Mai is in today?
No, she’s out for a delivery right now. Oh, are you the new employee who is supposed to be starting work today?
Yes! My name is Kozue Takama. It’s very nice to meet you.
Oh! H-Hi! I’m Tsutomu! H-h– It’s really nice to teet you! Ahg, I mean.. meet you.. Oh, thank God.. Looks like Mai’s back.
Hey Mai!
Hm? Hi Kozue, I didn’t see you there.
Long time no see!
Hey Mai!
It’ll be nice working with you from now on.
Likewise, Mai. This is going to be a lot of fun.
[phone rings]
(gasp) Huh.. Hello? Shikigi?
Well, Kozue.. Would you like to come in?
(audibly breathing in, and out, then giggling) Mmm, aaahh.. The flowers in here smell amazing!
Uh.. Look, Kozue.. You don’t need to call me sir or anything.. I’m younger, so..
Oh? Nope! I just don’t think it would be right. You’ve been working longer at this store so it’s important to establish a proper working relationship- don’t you agree?
Eheh yeah..
Hey! Guess what? Looks like Shikigi might be coming home soon.
That’s great Mai! Congrats!
So Tsutomu.. don’t worry about the store.. I want you to go and clean the house.
What? Right now?
Yes. Do it now! Shikigi might be coming back tomorrow.
This is what I was talking about.. Look, Kozue, Mai can be kind of a bit some times. I’d be careful if I were you..
Dick! Will you just go already??
Yeah yeah..
Then shut up and go..
Jeeze.. He’s a little shit isn’t he?
(laughing together)

[home/apartment exterior, cut to interior]

Huh.. ? Shikigi isn’t back yet..?
[door opening]
I’m home. Man.. I knew it..
Welcome home.. Did you eat?
[door closing]
Yeah.. I ate with my friends. Drowning your sorrows?
Man, my brother is really unbelievable..
Damn right..
(defeated growling, glass lowering)
You’ve had enough.
Huh? What are you doing? Give it back! C’mon, just give it to me..!
I don’t– I– Uh–Oh!
(stumbling noises, heavy bottle drop)
I think you drank too much..
Stop acting like you’re my father..
Mai, come on! You’ve been working way too hard here.
Tsutomu we can’t get by if I don’t work hard.. plus Shikigi is not here.. I’m lonely–
(mouth covering in kiss)
Nn, Ah.. Sorry..
Why are you apologizing?
Well, I, I didn’t mean to, it’s just..
wait a minute.. Mai, please.. I like you Mai, I’ve always liked you so much, but I– uuh
(more kissing)

[fade out, in, to bedroom scene]

Ah.. ahh.
(gasping, soft moaning)
(touching, clothes rustling)
h.. hoh.. h.. Mai.. Hold it.. huh..
I am holding it.. So now the question is.. What do you want me to do with it?
(foreskin peeling back, sticky noises)
(licking sounds)
Uh… hh..
How’s this for starters?
.. Not bad…
Not bad? Like you haven’t dreamed about me blowing you..
(slurping, noises of enjoyment)
Wait.. Stop it.. This is bad… Isn’t it..?
Mmmph… You better believe it’s bad..
Mmm.. Mmm.. mmm.. nnn!
(slurping, semen dribbling)
Auh.. Sorry..
Geeze, stop apologizing.
Yeah, but.. I came so fast..
I know but your cock is still so hard.. I want you to fuck me Tsutomu.

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